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cupcakes, churchill, and of course champagne

cupcake proseccoEven though National Cupcake Day (it really exists) is tomorrow, Cupcake Vineyards is celebrating it today by handing out cupcakes and pouring wine samples all over the city. They’re mostly known for their Angel Food and Red Velvet wines (which freakily smell like those desserts). But since it’s the 12 Days of Fizzmas here on grapefriend, we’ll focus on their Prosecco which I actually really like. Totally refreshing and clean, with just the right amount of white peach. And it’s only $14 which is the typically affordable price that regular-level Prosecco goes for.

pol roger churchillAnyway, I read on Cupcake’s Facebook page that Winston Churchill was the one who came up with the idea of putting a sweet frosting on top of cupcakes (prior to that they were topped with lard – Paula Deen’s dream). Churchill’s favorite fizz was Pol Roger, and called Odette Pol-Roger’s house in Epernay “the most drinkable address in the world.” In 1984, the Champagne house starting making a special Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill in some years, which goes for around $170.

Churchill was a real quippy grapefriend. Another Champers quote of his: “In success you deserve it, and in defeat you need it.”


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