pop grape

heartbreak, by eva longoria

eva longoria mark sanchez wineI think we can all agree that if you and Mark Sanchez just broke up you’d be trying to figure out how to live another day. Eva Longoria has done this the smart way: the grapefriend way!

The Daily Mail ran this article and pic of her outside of Ralph’s supermarket in LA, with quite a few bottles in her shopping cart. The picture doesn’t give me any clue about what kind of wine, but the Daily Mail claimed she was drowning her breakup sorrows with grapes. If so, would she even care what kind of wine it was?

I like where TDM was going with this, but grapefriend is a little bit better of a journalist/detective. I think all the wine was probably for her Election Night party. She even tweeted this pic of her little group, and two guests were drinking wine:

eva longoria election obama

Still, it’s way more fun to go with the Daily Mail’s thesis. It’s been two weeks since they broke up, and maybe she’s been on a grapey bender. Will need to check if wine sales have gone way up in the past 14 days…


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