getting your grape on

getting your grape on: october

I just love when people tag me when they drink wine. This month was pretty crazy, especially since lots of east coasters were stuck in their Sandy bunkers (those wine pics are here due to extreme circumstances and extreme wine drinking and not included in this month’s Getting Your Grape On). So let’s get to it!

Jane celebrated her anniversary in the Berkshires with The Creator, which she said was tasty nectar. I’ve never had it, but I love wines by Charles Smith. (PS Jane, don’t think I didn’t see that second bottle in the back – fun anniversary!)

the creator charles smith

Paul rocked some white Rioja in Atlanta (the Barcelona on the glass is the name of the bar, not where the wine is from). I like a white Rioja every once in a while, kind of a shame they’re not more common.

white rioja

Jeffrey in LA had this “amazing” Cotes du Rhone. Kermit Lynch is the distributor and has great wines. He also wrote a book called Adventures on the Wine Route about some cool times he’s had travelling around discovering wines.

cotes du rhone kermit lynch

In New York, Abby knocked back some Bordeaux. She almost forgot to tag me but then did, so I’ll let it slide…


Ever had Texas wine? Me neither, but I know they make a bit down there. Morio in Driftwood said this is a decent local one.

duchman family wine

Roxy’s from Texas (wonder if she’s had any TX wine) but now she lives in Beverly Hills. (You might remember her from last month’s Getting Your Grape On as she drank her way through Sicily and Rome.) Anyway, this month she had some 2006 Marques de Riscal Rioja.marques de riscal rioja

Asia in Toronto loves her Veuve (a lot) but I only post pics that people have tagged so here’s the Pauillac she drank. Pauillac is awwwwwesome though a bitch to spell, but if you’re one of the best parts of Bordeaux you can be rose paulliac

Nicholas kicked it with his new fave wine – a good Ribeira del Duero (lots of Spanish this month!). Love the glass, though looks like it could be dangerous after a few sips…ribeira del duero

Then in NYC, there’s Joey – oh Joey, Joey. First he makes me guess what wine he was drinking at the Standard Plaza (the seasonal Spanish restaurant at the Standard Grill):

trepat, Joseph Foraster, catalunya

It was a Trepat, a red grape usually used to make Cava. Love a good wine quiz, but I was annoyed because I didn’t guess it even though Ken the sommelier there had just poured it for me a few weeks before. Anyway, a few days later Joey was taking some fine bubbles to brunch and tagged me in this pic:taittinger

But when he found out he was in the running for Grapefriend of the Month I got a very heated voicemail saying he refused to have his Instagram used for a contest! I was scared. He did not tag me in any other pics. I was sad. And remain so.

Last, I usually don’t cover sake, but I’d just had a “masu” (the small wooden box that they serve you sake in, which is my fave way to drink it) and then Myles sent me this pic from a place called Masu in Portland, OR. It’s a Yuri Masamune though I have no idea what that means – I’m sure it was delicious, big fan of sake and sushi.

Anyway, that’s all for October! Grapefriend of the Month goes to….Joey!!! I hope I get another voicemail!


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