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sonoma: best wine of the day

Most Sonoma Pinot’s I have at this point are so full of cherry I almost don’t like them. Not the Kutch ones. It’s much more elegant and layered, great acid to balance. When people say it’s a California Pinot done in the Burgundian style, they should use this as a touchstone.
Jamie Kutch, the guy who makes it, says he picks his grapes earlier than most people in Sonoma so that they don’t get overripe and dehydrated. He’s also awesome because he does almost all of his winemaking by himself! Guy’s in the middle of harvest and still took a break to show me around his place.
He’s also awesome because he and his wife Kristen both grew up on Long Island, then worked in NYC which they love, then got crazy into wine and moved to Sonoma (my life exactly, minus the move to Sonoma… Yet…).
Also, he keeps samples in vials and these cute mini bottles:

That’s from the McDougall Ranch vineyard, which was my favorite. Loved the Pinot, loved hanging with Jamie and Kristen, loved their story of doing what you dream of doing.


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