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Napa: best wine of day 2

Poetry. Normally you’d hear a wine name like this and either groan or think it’s cheesy. Not once you drink this one.
Cliff Lede’s Poetry is made from the best grapes they have, and we were lucky enough to taste some today. As everyone tasted it around the table, you could see each set of eyebrows go up one by one – “This is amazing!!!”
It’s a Bordeaux grape blend, 78% Cab, and full of subtle layers of mellow blackberry and fresh tobacco. Tiny bit of pepper after a while.
Before you go running to get it, it’s $175. I know that’s crazy pricey but it was definitely our best wine of the day!
There isn’t really any cheap juice at Cliff Lede, but then again there isn’t any bad wine. My second fave, Cinnamon Rhapsody, is $95, full of spicy clove and named after rock songs (can you guess which?). More (and the answer) in a later, lengthier post, but dream of these for now…



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