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i might be moving to tokyo

wine apartment tokyoSo now that I’ve stayed at a wine hotel, I might need to move into a wine apartment building. They’re doing one in Tokyo, something called the Shibuya Shinsen Wine Apartment Project that’s slated to be done next September. Only 18 rentals apartments in the building, and grapefriendy features include:

  • wine cellar with capacity for 10,000 bottles for tenants to store: this sounds a lot better than basically being buried under the wine bottles in my one-bedroom apartment.
  • full-time sommelier on premises: he’ll bring up your wine from the cellar, serve you wine in your apartment and arrange wine dinner parties. “Hey, Bob, I’m having pork shoulder, could ya bring me up something that would go with?” (Why I just named a Japanese sommelier Bob I have no idea.)
  • wine glasses and decanters available for rent: this makes me laugh since my friend just told me that she used to order from a Portuguese restaurant in NYC and they’d not only deliver her food and a bottle of wine, but two wine glasses that she’d return the next day.
  • wine bar and bistro on the ground floor

Sayonara, New York. Unless we get a wine apartment building here. In which I’ll just stay.


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