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rg3: suck my grapes

washignton redskins cabernet wineThe pain just keeps on coming. It’s bad enough Giants fans have to contend with RG3 in our division, now I find out the Redskins have their own wine this year!?!

Some 80th anniversary commemorative thing, it’s a Cab from California’s Alexander Valley which is a pretty good place for Cabs. They’re selling it for $29.79 (random) and only shipping to a handful of states. Smartly, NY isn’t one of them. I’m not even providing a link to buy.

One bright note: in a DC newspaper they included this quote in a story about the wine:

“All of the people who are attending these games know good food and know good wine,” says Diane Karle, CEO and owner of Wine by Design. “So why not offer better wine? The teams were like, ‘Yeah, it’s a no brainer.'”

Mara! Tisch! WTF!!!


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