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charity, cipriani, and chugging

Last night I went to a benefit for Look Good Feel Better, an organization dedicated to teaching beauty techniques to cancer patients to help offset the side effects of treatment. Like many NYC benefits, this one was held at Cipriani. I’d already had a pre-party Crémant de Loire so wanted to continue the bubbles theme and was poured out a glass of this:

cipriani prosecco belliniTheir very own Prosecco! It was typical Prosecco: peachy, peachy, peachy with medium bubbles and not an overabundance of acid. Can’t have too much acid when everyone drinking it is creating so much goodwill!

It shouldn’t be surprising that their have their own Prosecco: Giuseppe Cipriani invented the Bellini at Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1948. Most Prosecco is made about an hour from Venice, so he took that local juice and added some white-peach puree. The rest is yummy cocktail history.

It’s been estimated that in its New York locations, Cipriani pours 4,000 Bellinis a day and 30,000 bottles of Prosecco a year. Unfortunately you can’t buy the Cipriani Prosecco in stores, but you can get it in the restaurants for the uncharitable price of about $18 a glass. Cheers!


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