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is peyton manning becoming a grapefriend?

As we know, Peyton Manning isn’t exactly a grapefriend. That distinction belongs to one Manning only, and that is Eli, two-time Super Bowl winner. But could things be changing???

First, I saw this pic on Twitter with the caption: “Peyton Manning’s wine locker at my hotel haha #cooool”

I didn’t get any more details from the poster, so i don’t know what hotel or if there’s even any wine in their locker or what kind it would be. Still, you have your name on a wine locker, you’re sort of a grapefriend!

peyton place

Anyway, since Peyton switched to the Broncos this season, he had to find a new place to live in Colorado and worked out a temporary residence deal with Mike Shanahan, the team’s former coach. Shanahan’s house was on the market for $4.5 mil, but that gets you a lot: 3.37 acres, 16,000 square feet, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, media room, billiard room, bowling alley, conservatory, kids’ arcade, guest house, swimming pool, poker room, racquetball court, video golf screen, shuffleboard table, and an elevator. I am pretty sure, however, that what clinched the deal for Peyton was this: it has a “wine residence”!!!

What’s a wine residence? I have no idea. But I imagine it to be like the most awesome guest house ever, with giant fridges, wines on tap in every room, glasses within a hand’s reach, servers to provide you with whatever grapes you’re in the mood for at whatever minute of the day.

Unfortunately, I think it’s just this lame-o McMansion-y bar room:

It does have this pool table though.

Eh, I’ll stay in NYC with Eli.


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