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fun with rosé labels

Lately I’ve been thinking about wine labels – good ones and sucky ones. It shouldn’t matter what’s on the label, but since it happens (really often) that you’re buying something in the store you’ve never tried, you do sort of go by the label. And the cliché about judging a book by its cover is cliché for a reason – you can’ t read the book before buying it, nor can you try wine to know if you like it before you buy it. It’s not like trying on clothes or sampling makeup at Sephora – you really have no idea unless the store’s handing out samples.

Anyway, I guess since rosé is a bit more whimsical and not so serious for winemakers, a lot of the labels I’ve come across are awesome. To be fair, I don’t always love the wine inside, but let’s take a look at some rosé labels from all over the world.

Taron from Rioja

Taron from Rioja

Love this one!! All those little valleys and cute handwriting. This might be my favorite label out of them all. And you know how I feel about rosado (pretty damn good).

C&C from Washington State

C&C from Washington State

The website says the label was created by Hatch Show Print, a legendary poster shop in Nashville. Never heard of it but the abstract American flag label’s cool. And this is one of my go-to’s.

Isabel Mondavi from Napa

Isabel Mondavi from Napa

Definitely one of the darkest rosés I’ve ever had, but don’t really love the ones made from Cabernet. Too heavy. The label is all light and beachy in an Impressionist way though.

Dogajolo Rosato from Tuscany

Dogajolo Rosato from Tuscany

Beautiful Tuscan label! I like Sangiovese more when it’s made into a rosé than when it’s a red. But I’m probably the only one.

Parra Jimenez from Las Mesas, Spain

Parra Jimenez from Las Mesas, Spain

Love the minimalist label on this organic wine – looks like a tree with branches and grape clusters, but also sort of like a bull with horns. Go Garnacha.

Churchills Estate from Portugal

Churchill’s Estate from Portugal

This is made from the Touriga Nacional grape, which is one of the best grapes used to make port. Totally tastes like ruby grapefruit.

montes cherub chile

Montes Cherub from Colchagua, Chile

Didn’t like this (weird tobacco smell) but did like the label and did like this fact: it’s called a vin de nuit, which means the wine spends one night only in contact with the red-grape skins. A one night stand haha!

André Balazs Sunset Beach Rosé from Long Island

André Balazs Sunset Beach Rosé from Long Island

Love these cartoon people frolicking by the water with this lean rosé wine. And then on the corks they’re frolicking little naked people! As my good friend Stan D’Arde would say, “J’adore!”

andre balazs rose cork naked


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