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jay-z parties with pinot

How to Be a Baller:
1) buy a sports team
2) buy an island
3) bring your own vintage wine to a restaurant
Jay-Z crossed #1 off the list a while ago, and it’s now official that he rocks #3 too.
jay-z ma cuisine beaune wineThis little pic hit the Twitterverse last week – it’s of Jay having lunch at Ma Cuisine in Beaune, France. Beaune is in Burgundy, home of some of the world’s greatest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It doesn’t have any Grand Cru vineyards, but has a bunch of Premier Crus. But we’re splitting hairs here, people, it’s Burgundy!
So what was Jay doing there? Alas, he didn’t tell grapefriend. But on Monday he had dinner with Beyonce and Florence (of the Machines) in London and reportedly brought his own bottle of vintage red wine. No word on what exactly the bottle was, but perhaps it was one he picked up at Ma Cuisine?
The place sounds pretty insanely amazing. I’ll let Wine Travel Guides tell you all about since I’ve never been:

“Voted by 400 French gastro-journalists in 2006 as the best wine bistro in France, this has been a must-visit restaurant since it opened. Seating only 30 people, Fabienne Escoffier produces a bargain menu and classic dishes like jambon persillé and roast pigeon. Simple but delicious, the menu and à la carte choices are chalked on blackboards. The wine list is monumental with nearly 800 references. Wines can also be purchased from a small shop next door. As a favourite haunt of growers and merchants, Pierre Escoffier gets good allocations from the best domaines besides buying older vintages from private cellars.”

Also, this place is only open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Making “4-day work week” #4 on the Baller List.


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