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mad men: wine passes on this episode

Again, this is a catch-up post but it’s a doozy. Last Sunday’s episode was the  official first where no wine was consumed. But being the most amazing drink in the world, it is completely obvious why: the episode was about ugly things, and wine wanted NOTHING to do with it!

Joan had her epic moral moment, and things were just very dirty business all around. Wine would never besmirch itself like that – leave it to the other yucky drinks to do that! Let’s take a look:

mad men lobster

roger orders lobster for the brainstorming, with some drinks too but I can’t really tell what they are

mad men lobster wine

it sort of looks like rose, but that’s very un-roger. i changed my mind and went with some sort of beer as they wouldn’t have that many bottles of wine anyway.

mad men war room

the guys brainstorm with nary a grape in sight

mad men don whiskey

don goes for his usual canadian club

mad men peggy haig whiskey

peggy drinks haig whiskey after don throws stuff in her face

mad men megan whiskey

even our Official Mad Men Grapefriend is drinking whiskey after she gets rejected

mad men piper hiedsieck champagne

pouring piper hiedsieck prior to Ugly Thing

mad men joan mom

joan’s mom pours out some non-grape beverages

mad men peggy coffee diner

peggy drinks coffee at her career-changing lunch

mad men don megan oj

megan gives don some OJ

mad men lane vodka

lane goes for roger’s vodka (love this shot)

mad men moet chandon champagne

the office celebrates the jaguar win with moet champagne

Mad Men season 5 wine count: stays at 19, and wine couldn’t be prouder!


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