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courtney loves wine

We all know Courtney Love has had her share of, uh, messy periods, but I am very jealous of this one story.

petrus bono courtney love

i love you more than merlot

“I’m not a big drinker, but Bono once gave me a bottle of Petrus in France. It gets you so stoned in a really opiated way, like you’d just taken a Vicodin. A month later I found out it cost $12K! But before that, I was like, ‘Dude, they should get that to the junkies!’ After that, I bought a subscription to Wine Spectator … but Jesus … that’s like moving to Santa Barbara or Bridgehampton; I’m not that old.”

Nice taste buds, Court. I’ve never had Petrus but as we know it’s a Bordeaux, pretty much all Merlot (with a tad Cabernet Franc sometimes). I even started that Petrus Fund, which isn’t getting very far.  Courtney doesn’t seem to have a funding problem though. She also allegedly ordered a 1948 Petrus when she was negotiating her contract with Geffen president Jordan Schur at L’Orangerie in Los Angeles. Geffen confirmed the wine was expensive, but not $12,000. Still!

Also, she’s said this is one of her dreams: “I purchase a case of ’82 Petrus (wine) whereupon I find Bono and Stipe and make them drink the whole thing with me while they absolve me of all my slanders and sins and perform an exorcism on the demons within who come out of my head like the Medusa snakes they must be.”

I’ll just take the wine and leave quietly…


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