pop grape

introducing gobby!

riedel pinot noir wine glass

gobby in action!

Lots of people will tell you that you have to drink certain wines out of certain glasses. I’ll admit drinking it out of a nice glass is cool, but I’d say the same for any beverage. I don’t get all wound up about glass types, but I do have a favorite.

It’s the Riedel Burgundy Grand Cru glass, and it holds 37 ounces – more than an entire bottle of wine! It isn’t a glass, it’s a goblet – hence, Gobby. Now, let me make clear that I don’t pour out the whole bottle. I pour a little and then let this monster do it’s thing which, according to the website is the following:

“The large bowl allows the bouquet to develop to the full, while the slightly flared top lip maximises the fruit flavours by directing a precise flow onto the front palate. Certain wines and grape varieties require this type of controlled delivery… It produces a superbly three-dimensional ‘taste picture’.”

riedel pinot noir wine glass regular

gobby vs regular wine glass

Yeah, whatever. Here’s what I’d say about Gobby: do you have any idea how fun it is to swirl wine in this thing???

Want one? They’re only $125 – each. Now before you start thinking I’ve completely lost it, I got them for free in a goodie bag from a Riedel event I went to a few years ago. But you know who wouldn’t think this is crazy? Jules on Cougar Town. She had one called Big Joe, and grapefriend has to hand it to the show’s prop stylist who told EW:

cougar town big joe carl

big joe / big carl

“The original Big Joe is a special-edition Oleg Cassini sommelier glass that I happened upon by accident while searching sommelier glasses. This special edition is bigger than a normal sommelier glass and was behind the counter at a wine shop. It was the personal property of the guy who worked at the store. I convinced him to sell it to me, which was no easy task. I took that back to the stage and offered it up, along with about a dozen other options. I didn’t want to present that one because there was only one and if anything happened to it we’d have a problem, but I knew it was perfect. [Co-creator] Bill Lawrence also thought it was perfect and picked it. I went back to the wine store and begged the clerk to help me find another one. He was able to locate two more that a friend of his had, and I negotiated for those two. All good…until a couple of weeks later I was informed we’d be breaking it in an upcoming episode and that we’d need a replacement.”

Anyway, Big Joe did break and now she’s on to Big Carl, which the prop dude thinks used to be a candle holder. Big Carl even has its own Facebook Page and 520 fans. I assume Carl will be moving with everyone to TBS since ABC is airing its last episode tonight. Booooo ABC, you are not a grapefriend! Carl and Gobby will see you on the flipside.


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