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mad men: wine sold to normal people

mad men manischewitz dinner

only tiki-type cocktails

Last night on Mad Men, they were trying to land the Manischewitz wine account.

Roger explains to Ginsberg, “They make wine for Jews, and now they’re making one they want to sell to normal people.”

mad men draper thanksgiving

no wine glasses on the thanksgiving table

Manischewitz is a Kosher wine, which officially means that all ingredients come from an approved source, don’t have any animal by-products, and are made under Rabbi supervision.

I’ve never had Manischewitz, but it’s not supposed to be very good. It’s usually sweet and made from gross grapes like Concord. Blechhhhhhhh.

mad men betty thanksgiving

no wine at all

Ugh, there were so many opportunities for wine in this ep: the Manischewitz dinner (only tiki cocktails) and TWO Thanksgiving dinners (no alcohol at all). So the episode where they land a wine account is the first episode of the season where no one drinks wine?

Oh, the irony!!!!!!

Mad Men season 5 wine count: stays at 18. But we had a wine-centric plotline which is HUGE!!!

Btw, take a look at this 1960’s Manischewitz commercial with Sammy Davis, Jr.

WHAT??? The idea Ginsberg came up with was 80 million miles better: on bus-side ads they’d show a case of wine under riders’ seats. That would be cool.


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