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hello kitty makes wine?

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I’ll admit I’m not a Hello Kitty fanatic, but I know a lot of people are. I don’t totally get it but it’s just a fact I’ve stopped questioning, like why some people tolerate or even like mayonnaise.

Anyway, yummy Ladurée just came out with limited-edition Hello Kitty macarons (though they aren’t even shaped like Hello Kitty, it’s just the packaging). Anyway, I found out about them because all these people started Instagramming pictures of the boxes, so obvs they’re all the rage. However, did you know Hello Kitty also makes wine???

Two years ago they came out with four different kinds – a red, a white and two sparklers. Seems kind of odd, right – Hello Kitty and alcohol? The marketer for the wines said that Sanrio now thinks of the Hello Kitty brand as “being somewhat mature at this stage and open to all kinds of product interpretations.” I’ll say! When I was 8 all I had was a pack of multi-colored mini-pencils, and couldn’t use them to draw all over wine labels.

Oddly, they actually sound sort of decent – here are the website’s descriptions since I haven’t had them:

Hello Kitty Angel White – “This is a fresh, white wine made entirely from a pale pink hue Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero). While tasting, you can appreciate the long lasting finish and the nice body given to the wine by the red grape structure.”

Hello Kitty Devil Red – “Garnet red with brickish highlights, this is a classically rendered Pinot Noir that presents a seductive bouquet of wild flowers and forest aromas.”

Hello Kitty Sparkling Brut Rosé – “A deep reddish pink sparkling rose made from 100% Pinot Noir that has a frothy mousse as well as a pretty nose of rose petal and red currant scents.”

Hello Kitty Sparkling “Sweet Pink” (Half Size) – “This semi-sweet sparkler sports a pale pink hue and has very delicate bubbles.”

They’re not even that cheap – ranging from $18 to $35. But when you have Swarovski Hello Kitty figurines going for $25,000 on ebay, they’re a bargain.


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