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you deserve a grape today, denver broncos

hi, denver

Well, Denver got Peyton Manning. I didn’t put an exclamation point at the end of this title as I usually do for this recurring post, because I’m sad to see my QB’s brother leave his home of Indy which is also home to many of my friends including my football professors. But I don’t have anything against Denver, and I think they should be pretty happy they’re getting a legendary QB as long as his neck is fully ready to go.

Speaking of necks, looking at the level of wine in the neck of a bottle can tell you what kind of condition it’s in.  “Ullage” is the unfilled space in a wine bottle. The more ullage, the more space for oxygen which will hasten aging. Wine breathes naturally through the cork as it ages, but you can have problems if it gets too low. For wines 1-20 years old, the level should be in the neck. For wines 20-40 years old, you still want to see it at the top of the shoulder.

Alas, too bad we can’t look at P’s neck and say what shape he’s in. But Denver can grab an old bottle of Burgundy and cheer their acquisition.


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