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this kate moss news is ab fab

I’ve posted many times already about Ab Fab, and it’s not like you even need me to tell you that Eddy and Pats are massive grapefriends. But news came out that Kate Moss is going to do a guest spot on their upcoming special episode for Sport Relief (a charity thing), set to air on March 23.

Kate’s really the perfect drop-in for the champers lovers. I read last fall that Kate bought her husband Jamie Hince a vineyard. After their wedding, they were looking for estates to buy in Provence.  Someone told the Daily Mirror: “Naturally, this process has included a considerable amount of wine-tasting along the way. Jamie really appreciates a good drop and is quite knowledgeable about vintages and grapes, and Kate even picked up a couple of handy tips.” She’s even thought about making a Merlot and calling it Vin de Mossot.

taking your dinner wine to the after-party – not very chic

Lately, however, there have been reports that she’s become a little toooo fond of the grape if ya know what I mean, and in that case you are not a grapefriend, you are a raisin. Don’t be a raisin.

Anyway, Kate’s done her share of comedic cameos on all these shows that everyone loves in the UK but everyone in America is like, “Huh?” But to see what might be in store for her Ab Fab appearance, I watched a few and she’s obviously pretty game for fun stuff. Grapefriend especially loved this one from Red Nose Day below – you’ll see why at the 1:30 mark!


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