pop grape

big ang pours wiseguy wine

looks like sparkling, though she didn't say she served that on sundays

You know Big Ang, the multi-pack-a-day-smoker-voiced woman on Mob Wives? Yeah, well she’s a grapefriend!

She runs a Staten Island bar called The Drunken Monkey, and also recently told Food and Wine that she cooks dinner for 10 to 15 people every Sunday.

“Good food is the way to a wise guy’s heart,” she said to F&W. “I’m the best cook and they love anything I cook.”

Things she cooks: seafood salad with octopus, scungilli, calamari, “shrimps,” lobster, crabmeat (with lemon, garlic, olive oil, parsley and red pepper), shrimp cocktail, fried calamari with jalapeño peppers, fried veal cutlets, chicken cutlets, steak, pork chops, pizzaiola (grapefriend note: I looooove pizzaiola! and my mom makes a good one), macaroni, linguine and clams, shrimp oreganata, lobster and pork chops with hot peppers. “They like a lot of hot things. Like me.”

So that’s a whole smorgasbord. But as for drinks? “Only wine. If I’m having meat, I put red wine. If I’m having fish, I put white. I love Jordan red wine and I love La Scola Gavi de Gavi Black Label.” Grapefriend approves of Jordan, great Cab from Sonoma’s Alexander Valley; never had the Scola but not usually a huge fan of Italian whites. Both will run you about $50, so Ang ain’t cheapin’ on the grape at these feasts.

Big Ang even features wine as decor: “I set the table, I put the wine in the carafe and that’s your table setting.”

However, before we get too excited, don’t forget that on one episode she asked her son AJ if he wanted red wine mixed with cream soda. Scary as that may sound to some, people are actually trying this now and are calling it “The Big Ang.” Grapefriend will now depart to go bang head my against the wall.

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