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happy 15th anniversary, buffy!

god, i miss this show

March 10, 1997 was the premiere of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,”15 years (and one day) ago. And how many things do Buffy and wine have in common? I thought only one: me, as in I’m obsessed with both. But after a bit of digging around I now know the real answer: two.

I found a quote from the 7th season, where the priest Caleb muses about Jesus proclaiming that wine is his blood:

“You know, I always loved the story of the Last Supper. The body and blood of Christ becoming rich, red wine. I recall as a boy, though, I couldn’t help but think: what would happen if you were at the Last Supper, and you ordered the white? A nice oaky Chardonnay or White Zin. I mean, would he make that out of his lymph or some-all? Never did bring it up.”

This Caleb quote apparently caused a ton of complaints to the network saying the show was sacrilegious. I just think the show’s one of the best-written TV shows in history, and I kid you not. Joss Whedon is a clever and brilliant writer. He was just at SXSW where he talked about writing Cabin in the Woods which just came out, re-writing and directing The Avengers, and directing a version of Much Ado About Nothing – “I didn’t write that one,” he said. Much Ado stars lots of people from Joss’s past shows, including Nathan Fillion who played Caleb, speaker of the above wine quote. Hmmm, sounds more and more like Joss could be a grapefriend…


One thought on “happy 15th anniversary, buffy!

  1. Every Tuesday in college and then after, while Buffy was still on television, I would look forward to opening a bottle of red wine with my roommates and having a Buffy/wine night. The two always went hand and hand for me as well. Now I do that with almost every T.V. show – The Bachelor, Revenge, Friday Night Lights – but Buffy was my first.

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