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bethenny knows wine better than hoda

I’ve already confessed my weakness for anything on Bravo, so I’ll fully admit I watched “Bethenny Ever After” last night. This season Bethenny has become good friends with Hoda from “The Today Show.” So they were having lunch on yesterday’s episode at Lure Fishbar and the waiter is all selling them on the oysters, which of course they have to make 80 sexual jokes about. Really?

Anyway, what grapefriend found most interesting is what wine they ordered to go with. Bethenny ordered Sauvignon Blanc – the crisp, acidic white is a great pairing with creamy oysters. But Hoda ordered Pinot Noir – BLECH! Even thought Pinot is on the lighter spectrum of reds, I would not order it with briny oysters.

These two both have wine credentials, albeit kind of questionable: Bethenny just announced she’s making Skinnygirl wines (haven’t had them yet, but the blends do not sound promising except for the Grenache/Syrah rosé), and Hoda guzzles the grape every morning with Kathie Lee. But clearly, Bethenny knows her grape a little better than Hoda.

For the future, my favorite wines with oysters are the following:

1) Champagne – bubbly perfection with the creamy chucks

2) Sauvignon Blanc – see Bethenny explanation above

3) Romorantin – loved how refreshing and light this was when I had it with oysters last month

4) Chablis – a classic pairing, the minerality of this French Chardonnay is great with the oysters

5) Muscadet – many argue this is the perfect pairing and it’s a good match but it’s just not my favorite grape

Try them all!

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