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I don’t watch Undercover Boss that much but last night the CEO of Kendall-Jackson Vineyards was on so grapefriend had to watch. It was sooo good!

he could've schooled this tasting room worker, though she was actually pretty good

We got to see the CEO, Rick Tigner, going undercover to try out all different jobs within the company and meet employees. We saw him bottling, labeling, and packing on the production line; trucking boxes to customers who ordered the wines; and serving wine to customers in the tasting room (must’ve been ridiculously hard for him to not be like, “Don’t you think this wine rules???” and spout out 85 different facts about it). My favorite job was “crop estimation,” where he went into the vineyard and counted the flowering bunches on the vines in order to predict  how much fruit they’ll be getting at harvest time. All very educational.

working in a vineyard beats a cubicle. hard work though. (photos: cbs)

I always cry in Undercover Boss but this episode won the award for making me cry in the shortest amount of time. In the first 5 minutes, Rick was talking about founder Jess Jackson passing away, and they cut to him giving a speech about Jess to a whole room full of people raising a glass of Kendall-Jackson wine in his honor. What a great way to be remembered and stay alive in everyone’s minds – by being in everyone’s glasses.

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