pop grape

do i need to get into basketball?

yeah, i'd be this happy too if i were drinking Latour

Kind of digging these Knicks! Mike Bibby and Baron Davis (never heard of them) had dinner with Amar’e Stoudemire (heard of him, but couldn’t have told you he played for the Knicks) at Lure Fishbar last week. There were a bunch of other players there plus La La who is like everywhere any time there’s something bball-related happening. Anyway, at this dinner they apparently drank through a case of wine and a bottle of $1,200 Chateau Latour.

Latour is one of five Premier Grand Cru wines, the highest classification of Bordeaux wine:

I’ve only had Margaux, which is the best wine I’ve ever had. I’m going to go practice my dribbling and grow about 3 feet taller and then I’m going to buy a case of all of them.

[NOTE: Abby would like to point out that La La is married to Carmelo Anthony on the Knicks. Duh, I said – she still doesn’t have to go to every bball-related event. Abby then pointed out that she does have a reality show to fill up. This is true. Plus, if these guys are drinking Latour at events I’d go to every one of them too!]


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