grape juice

wine spa treatments, aka the biggest waste of wine grapes ever?

So I was perusing around the internet as grapefriend likes to do when not drinking wine, and I came across this Wine Enthusiast story about spa treatments from around the world that entail wine grapes. Idea being grapes have polyphenols that can trap free radicals and do all sorts of stuff like that for your skin, which you don’t really understand but sounds good enough to get you to fork over a lot of money in a spa.

First of all, I’m dubious about where these grapes come from. Do they really buy them from grape growers? Seems like it would be a lot of hassle to buy such a small amount of wine grapes, but maybe at the Sonoma one it’s feasible to get some from a local guy, as they point out. Haven’t seen any vineyards within a mile of The Plaza though. They could be using table grapes for all people know, and would anyone be able to tell the difference?

Secondly, I have absolutely no desire to be in a Wine Barrel Bath, which is “a jacuzzi resembling a giant wine barrel.”

Third, if you were on vacation and wanted to relax, you could also just have a glass of wine which would be much cheaper than the $175 Kenwood Wine Wrap.

Last, this is the dumbest picture I have ever seen. And boys, you can thank me for the side boob shot later.

Who would want to get a treatment lying naked on a wood table outside??? The definition of uncomfortable, not to mention I'd be stressed about getting splinters the whole time.

Anyone ever have a wine grape treatment? Thumbs up or down?


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