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michael bublé has a cute wine story

Words I never thought I’d say: I’m starting to really like Michael Bublé. First he did that funny restaurant skit with Jon Hamm on SNL and then I just read this on Wine Spectator’s site:

(courtesy nbc)

“I bought a junior team called the Vancouver Giants, and for good luck, my grandpa brings his wine—he makes this beautiful red—to the games. It seems like every time he brings it, we win. Some of the greatest hockey players in the world come. The legends: people like Bobby Orr, Pat Quinn, Gordie Howe. They’re all sitting there enjoying Grandpa’s wine. He makes it at home. It’s actually quite bubbly, but at the same time it’s strong. It’s kind of like a velvet hammer: It goes down like velvet but it hits you like a hammer. Great for hockey games.”


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