stars - they're just like wine!

tina fey – she’s just like wine!

I found out something disturbing this week. Liz Lemon drinks Pinot Grigio.

We all know how I feel about Pinot Grigio. In case you don’t, a quick summation would be “makes me want to throw up in own hands/rip out tongue/wish wine was never invented.” Not that I’m dramatic at all.

The state of sitcoms may be weak, but “30 Rock” is genius and Tina Fey is a KILLER writer. And as a girl who wanted to write movies for a living, I very much bow to her and Amy Heckerling (writer of Clueless and director of Fast Times should you not know).

Anyway, so as I’m getting ready to tell you how Tina Fey is my choice for “stars – they’re just like wine!” Riesling edition, I came across this Lemon/Pinot Grigio fact. I guess I missed the episode where she drinks a bottle of PG and drunk dials her co-op board. But the scene is funny, plus in the very last scene in the sequence she’s drinking red wine. And I guess it sort of fits the character. OK, all is right again! (Check the scene out here – it’s from a Tumblr site called “fuckyeahlizlemon.” I still don’t really understand Tumblr but that’s a funny name.)

As for Riesling, it’s perfect for Tina Fey. It’s highly acidic! Balanced by some sweetness! (Or residual sugar, as the wine peeps call it, which sounds like something that could be part of a Jenna storyline). It smells like peaches and apricots! Riesling, at least to me, is also a “smart” grape – it can made in lots of different styles based on where it’s grown and for me it was an acquired taste that I now find endlessly complex. If any grape would be snarky and bitingly sarcastic, it would be Riesling. Please send Liz Lemon some Trimbach stat.


3 thoughts on “tina fey – she’s just like wine!

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  2. I love this blog way too much already! Hilarious and sneakily providing me with some much-needed wine education without being confusing/dull – I know a bit about champagne from visiting the region, but that’s about it ( and the copious number of free tastings certainly helped).

    How will I ever forget what a Riesling is now, now that I will forever picture it with a drunk Liz Lemon? Brilliance!!!

    The Champagne post is here if you’re interested : , on my travel blog, but I really should put my champagne notes up from the trip on Hungrybug…

    Cheers (…finally this salutation suits the occasion)


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