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the young vino vote

Pundits are curious about how the younger generation votes, and grapefriend is curious about how they drink. Someone was telling me the other day that younger people are drinking more (or even only) weird, funky wines. It’s interesting to think about how they might be nurturing their palate on newer styles and bolder tastes versus, say, a Sauvignon Blanc. 

One style that’s gotten a lot of attention is pét-nat, which is a sparkling wine bottled during its first round of fermentation (versus going through a second round, like Champagne does) and is meant to be drunk young.  

Recently I tried the Division Gamine pet-nat rosé ($33.99). Honestly if I were blinding it, I would’ve called it a cider, hands down. Usually a wine form 100% Grenache is full of juicy cherry, but this was all coppery apple. Really refreshing and cool though. 

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