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turkey time

No, it’s not Thanksgiving. I recently went to Turkey—the southern region is where the wineries are, and I did my fair share of drinking.  Quick takeaways:

The rosé (roze) was generally really refreshing, so if you’re experimenting I’d start here. They’re usually made with native grape Kalecik Karasi, and Urla Wineryadds Pinot Noir to it for some refinement. 

The whites were very aromatic. Moscato (or Muscat Blanc in the case of this one from USCA winery) isn’t my go-to, but they make it dry and that’s actually really lovely for an aperitif. Extra points to USCA, who matches the characteristics of their wines to Shakesperean sonnets. 

The reds were not my favorite but definitely some of the most interesting ones I tried. Foça Karası is a nearly extinct grape—feral and brambly, USCA blends it with Syrah. 

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