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grapey gift guide 2021!

It’s that time of year when everyone hits me up to ask what they should get people as gifts. Here are my go-to categories. 


In the $50 price range, you can’t go wrong with Champagne. I love G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon for its Christmas-y green and red-ribbon bottle.


Always a safe choice, and people will love you the next time they have a great dinner to open your bottle with. Covenant has Cabernet from both Napa and Israel, and they range from the high-end Solomon wines to the lower-priced Mensch and the Tribe. Celebrating Passover? They happen to be Kosher too, if the names didn’t give it away. 


Amazing Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre blends from the southern Rhône, always impressive. Try Domaine de la Janasse, $52


What I love about this gift is that it lasts way longer than just one night. I’m partial to Japanese whiskies, and Fuji Single Grain ($95) just came to the US. Fun fact: It pulls pure snowmelt from Mt. Fuji to make its whiskey, and it takes 50 years for the water to travel from the top of the mountain to the aquifer under the distillery. 

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