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october values & splurges

Well, this Wine From Home situation is looking pretty longterm so we’re going to keep this handy series going!


  • Gradis’Ciutta Ribolla Gialla 2018: lots of white peach and lime zest in the oldest-known grape in Collio, Italy ($16.97)
  • Villa Matilde Falanghina 2019 ($19.99) Rocca dei Leoni 
  • Pinot Noir isn’t easy to grow, so it’s not easy to make a decent one cheaply. Wine by Joe Pinot Noir had some very nice basic black cherry fruit and a touch of oak to round it out ($20) and Line 39 is pretty decent especially for such a great price ($9.99). 
  • Itata El Tunel Leonardo Erazo: You can almost taste the granitic soil in this biodynamic Cinsault. It’s light and really vibrant with notes of red currants, a col example of the low-intervention wines coming from Chile’s Itata Valley. ($19.99)


  • àMaurice Grenache: One of my favorite bottles this month. Light and delicate with bright cherry, cranberry and button mushroom. $39
  • Peregrine sparkling: Very light and refreshing aperitif sparkling from Central Otago, New Zealand which is a great source for the Pinot Noir in the blend. ($45)
  • Lucia Soberanes Vineyard Chardonnay 2018: A nicely restrained Chardonnay which is rather typical from Santa Lucia Highlands ($80)

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