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wine when football starts (and hopefully not ends)

We’ll see how this 2020 football season plays out. But one thing that’s for sure is how good chilled reds will be when watching at least one week of games.
We all know whites and rosés get chilled on ice, and in the summer the frostier the better. But I feel like people don’t fully understand the beauty of a chilled red. Some people cry gauche – NOT so. There’s an art to selecting the right red for this – a light-bodied and not very tannic or gritty one like these:
  • Frappato: Loooove the bright, bursting red cherries in Frappato (excellent with sundried tomatoes btw). Try this one from Mandrarossa, $21
  • Cerasuolo di Vittorio: A blend of Nero d’Avola and Frappato, the Nero gives it a bit more wild fruits like this one from Sicily’s Planeta, $22
  • Beaujolais: Gamay (the grape that’s in wine form the Beaujolais region) is such a great light red. Cherry, a hint of licorice, and just enough tannin to keep it interesting. Chateau de la Chaize Brouilly, $17

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