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great transition-to-spring wine

I was listening to my friend Anne Krebiehl on an old Wine Enthusiast podcast the other day and she was raving about Blaufrankisch. It’s an Austrian grape I’d had maybe once or twice, but Anne has the ability to make you crave whatever she’s talking about so I went home that night and opened one. It’s sort of the perfect in-between-winter-and-spring wine: deep blackberries and some spice but not a heavy body and lots of acid that keeps it very fresh. Despite the heavy berry flavor, I actually like this with a very slight chill on it.

I had this Heinrich one, $20. Austria is more known for its white wines (hello, Gruner) but apparently Heinrich was one of the first wineries in the Burgenland region to make high-quality reds. Sounds like a trip is overdue.

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