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the #grapefriendchallenge: march

Have you been exploring along? Here are this month’s grape and region suggestions, and if you’ve had them before then pick your own adventure!

Grape: Cab Franc
This is one of the five grapes found in a Bordeaux blend, but all on its own you get plum and green pepper. Bernard Baudry is one my favorite Cab Franc producers: his La Croix Boissée is amazing, powerful blackberry, while Les Clos Guillot has pretty and perfumed boysenberry with some mild funkiness.

Region: the Loire 
A narrow region with a wide range of good grapes: start exploring with its funky Cab Franc, briny Muscadet or gentle Sauvignon Blanc (Sancerre).

Happy exploring, and share your new sips on social with #grapefriendchallenge!


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