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the #grapefriendchallenge: february

Dry January is over so let’s get into the #grapefriendchallenge full force. Here are this month’s grape and region suggestions, and if you’ve had them before then pick your own adventure!
Grape: Grenache
SO much cherry and black cherry, and a great medium-bodied pick. I’m talking about the red Grenache, but I actually also really love Grenache Blanc. This is another one that’s great by the glass because it doesn’t have a ton of acid, and for pairings try it with some juicy rotisserie chicken. The spice in both the wine and the chicken skin are excellent together!
Region: Paso Robles 
One of my favorite US winemaking regions, largely because of their great Rhône grapes (which are primarily Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre). It’s a fast-growing but still wonderfully local-feel wine area that I loved when I visited. It also produces lots of Cab and Zinfandel, but seek out the Rhône varietals. 
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