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best bottles for chardonnay day

Happy Chardonnay Day! Everyone knows the big buttery Chardonnays, but there’s so much more to try from all around the world.
  • Oregon is known for Pinot Noir, but their Chardonnay can be very unoaky and lovely. Try this Bergstrom, which is much more citrus than butter, $38.
  • You can find some excellent values with almost any variety in Chile, and Chardonnay is no exception. Try the lovely Leyda, only $15.99.
  • I really liked a few I had in New Zealand last year, but many are such small production that you can’t find them in the US. Try the peachy Mt. Beautiful, $20, who also makes a great Pinot Gris.
  • Burgundy makes the best of the best when it comes to Chardonnay. Silky elegance that blows your mind. You can often find more affordable ones in the St.-Aubin area.
  • Yes, you can find big buttery Chardonnays in California, but you can also find really restrained and lovely ones like the steelier Newton Unfiltered, $46.

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