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get that grüner in your glass 

It’s spring – finally!!! The grass is growing, and the Grüner is flowing! Or at least it should be.

The grassy, white peppery white wine from Austria is my spring go-to. Here are three good bottles to grab!

fred loimer lois 2015

Freshly cut, yo! This is where you can really get a handle on that Grüner grass. So light and frizzy, puts a little lift in your step – just like spring! We had this guys sparkling Grüner at Aldo Sohm’s bar a little while ago and it was awesome, so keep your eye out for Loimer when you’re looking for good Grüner. $18

laurenz v charming gruner 2014 

Get another whiff of that green green grass! More grass, a little more body, and a hint of white pepper. Feels like the more mature version of Grüner. $30

weingut stadt krems 2015

Hints of lemon, yellow apple and generally deeper fruits here with more body but still lots of fizzy fun on the tongue. And fun fact: This winery was originally built to make money for the hospital in Krems in 1452. $15


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