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olive & poppy obsession

California wine country produces a ton of wine and food, but I like when it inspires non-wine products too – and Olive & Poppy has taken grapey accessories to the next level.

Love their totes ($76) – spacious, rugged, and stylish with three cool grapefriendy features: 1) It has an inner attached wine pocket to keep your bottle safe and upright (any real grapefriend NEEDS this in a tote bag). 2) The small inside pocket adorably says “Cheers to Today.” 3) The California wine regions on the outside are PRINTED WITH WINE! I mean, come on, how grapey can you get?


They screen print their totes and peshtemals (large towels) with Cabernet Sauvignon, and then put a clear coat over it to lock it on. You can get the totes with California or Napa appellations, and they’re going to be making other versions with regions around the world soon.

They also make another personal-fave category of jewelry, all wine-inspired too! Their Cheers necklace and wine barrel bracelets are awesome, though I’m most obsessed with this bracelet ($42) that’s an olive branch and a poppy (which you find all over California wine country).

olive poppy bangleAny of these would be excellent gifts for your weekend host or, let’s face it, for yourself.


ready to roll, Olive & Poppy style!


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