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scandal wine recap: papa pope bores us

Abby was out last week, leaving me to my own paltry plot devices. Luckily, she has returned…

I’m back, Grapefriends! Sorry to have missed you last week in what was a very dramatic episode.

To be honest, I really could have used a drink before this episode even started thanks to Scandal’s lead-in, Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.) My emotions were already very fraught and I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into after that dramatic ending with Jake last week. After what happened on Grey’s, I was sure Shonda was about to turn the knife on my heart again.

But phew, Jake is alive. (I know I’m Team Fitz, but I still didn’t want the guy to die at the hands of Liv’s paramour and Papa Pope’s henchman, Russell.)

That’s the good news. The bad news is we’ve only got two boozy moments in this week’s episode, both courtesy of Papa Pope.

wine moment #1

IMG_4229Of COURSE Rowan is sipping on a nice red while he lays into a serious rage monologue aimed at Russell who (somehow) failed in his mission to kill Jake. He is very bad at being B613 and probably should have brought over a conciliatory bottle of something expensive for his boss.

grapefriend wine recommendation: It was weird because at one angle the sun was really shining on the glass of red and it looked like a really light one like Gamay or Ploussard.

IMG_4228I was really excited about this, like way more excited than I’ve ever been about a plot point in this show. But people like Papa Pope are such snobs about wine and yet only drink the same tpe of wine all the time. I was thrilled to see him branching out, until of course the sun left and it was his usual glass of heavy red. So obv, I’d recommend he gets adventurous with his grapes and go for one of those light reds. But since I recommended Ploussard last week, I’ll go with Gamay. Lightly fruity and earthy, and amazing for spring too. 

whiskey moment #1

IMG_4230Papa Pope must prefer the brown stuff when he’s shooting one of his daughter’s lovers as in this scene with the hapless Russell. Must he do everything himself?

grapefriend wine recommendation: Yeah, I thought it was kind of weird that he went whiskey. Maybe this was his branching out I wanted him to do with grapes. Well, you’re shooting your daughter’s lover, you gotta go hard. You need the peaty stuff here, the intense smoky kind of scotch that puts hair on your chest. 

I’d also like to raise a glass to Mellie for getting her campaign back on track (thanks to Liv’s advice), to Black Sable and her family…may they rest in peace, and to Jake for somehow managing to not bleed out on that desk in the office before Quinn found him.

See you in two weeks for the next new episode, Grapefriends!

Until then, follow us on Twitter @grapefriend and @abbygardner where I won’t be replying to any of Abby’s tweets about Grey’s Anatomy since I’ve never watched one episode.


7 thoughts on “scandal wine recap: papa pope bores us

  1. I’m already starting to feel sad that the season is almost over. I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself on Thursdays. I think perhaps I’ll start watching Mad Med from the beginning.

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