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fizzmas: bubbly beats milk for santa

FullSizeRenderThe tradition, of course, is cookies and milk. But Santa has a long night, leading all the reindeer, squeezing down sooty chimneys, and giving everyone presents. And you’re going to leave him cookies and milk? Give the guy a drink.

I’m sure he’d be much more excited to see a glass of bubbly waiting for him. Clay Fritz, the owner of Fritz Underground Winery, and his family leave Santa doughnuts and Prosecco. They import the NV Villa Giustiniani Extra Dry Prosecco ($27) from The Order of Malta, which helps areas hurt by natural disasters.

Even better with cookies would be a sweet bubbly – ideally, you should serve a sweet wine with dessert, and one that’s sweeter than what you’re serving. Moscato d’Asti would be perfect. Mildly effervescent, just the perfect amount of sweet, very elegant, and not too high in alcohol (Santa wouldn’t want to get slapped with an SUI – Sledding Under the Influence). Moscato has been all the rage in wine sales for the past few years, but pretty much only drink sweet wine with dessert. And the elegant ones from Asti are the best.

Remember: if you want better gifts, pop some bubbly for our favorite Guy in Red!



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