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mad men wine count: don. opened. wine.

I’m doing two posts in one since I was away last week, which is a huge shame since last week contained the greatest Mad Men wine scene in the history of the show: DON OPENED A BOTTLE OF WINE!

We didn’t see them drink any of it, but this counts tremendously. Don is known for his Old Fashioneds and other whiskey-based drinks, even drinking them all during dinner instead of wine. Since Candian-French Megan came into his life, we have seen him dabble into the grape world once or twice. Megan always drinks wine, which is fitting for someone who’s Canadian-French but also a lot younger. Younger people in the late 60s were probably more open to drinking wine than Don’s generation, although I have no factual basis for that. Just seems like if Napa was really getting started then, young people would be like “Oh cool, let’s try some wine” instead of always going for a cocktail.

Anyway, no idea what wine Don was opening – and trust me, I tried to figure it out. They even did a tricky little bottle placement change (obviously took a few takes for this scene) where one placement had the label straight ahead and the next was to the side, but I couldn’t tell either way what it was.

photo 4

photo 1

Megan usually drinks French, but the label looks vaguely Italian to me. Who knows – I’m just happy we got wine!

Last week also brought us two more wine instances. First, Pete was drinking wine with his dinner on the plane. Pete also drank wine at the restaurant with Bonnie a few episodes ago, so he’s becoming quite a little grapefriend. Also interesting to note that he’s been drinking wine ever since he moved to California and started dating someone younger.

photo 3

The other wine appearance from last week was of course Megan, swilling some red on the plane on her way back to LA.

photo 2

So much plane drinking this season. Pete and Don both had drinks last night, but it looked like Don had his usual whiskey and Pete had Champagne. Couldn’t be sure with Pete because it was large for a flute, but they were in business class so it’s likely that he was just having the complimentary pre-takeoff bubbly they give out.

photo 3

And now, even though it seems that Megan will no longer be on the show, our Mad Men Official Grapefriend went out with a grapey bang. As she was hanging outside on her deck, she not only had a glass of white but a whole bottle at her side. Very 2014, Megan…

photo 1

photo 4

Couldn’t tell what it was, but I always think a sunny deck hang calls for some nice Pinot Blanc. We’ll miss you, Megan! Thanks for getting your grape on in the face of cocktail adversity. A true pioneer.

photo 2

Mad Men season 6 wine count: 7. This season is split into two parts so we still have half the season left! I feel like my work is done here now that Don is on the grape!

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Special thanks to Grapefriend Abby for last night’s screenshots!


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