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friend requests: poulsard and trousseau

add-as-friendThese two grapes are both reds from the Jura region in France, and totally my new favorite reds for spring (though I’m sure will continue into summer too). I used to associate the Jura mostly with white wine (and I’m not a huge fan of the Chardonnay or the Savagnin from there even though sommeliers go crazy over its funky nuttiness) and Cremant du Jura (their version of sparkling wine, which is austere and actually a good value).

But then I went to a Jura tasting and had these amazingly light and refreshing reds. Trousseau has wild strawberry mixed with a lot of savoriness and black tea. Poulsard is similar but even lighter, and is actually indigenous to the region and the most-planted red grape there.

poulsard and pinot noir jura

Poulsard on the left, Pinot Noir on the right to give you a lightness point of reference.

They’re both amazing with charcuterie, and the Poulsard, since it’s so light like a rose, is often served chilled.

photo 4

LOVED this light Poulsard, served chilled. Definitely more like a rosé than a red. I can’t find it online but had it by the glass at Pearl & Ash in NYC.

photo 5

This Gahier Trousseau was so feral and wild, and completely perfect with the charcuterie. Around $33.

another Trousseau I liked at the tasting

another Trousseau I liked at the tasting, $25 here

Also had this cool sparkling wine made from Gamay and Poulsard, which is worth seeking out too ($20 here).

bugey-cerdon gamay poulsard



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