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scandal wine recap: “I want to drink way too much wine”

Scandal wine recaps continue, with our Gladiator Grapefriend Abby Gardner at the helm!
OH MY GOD, WHO GOT SHOT? Pour me another glass!
While we won’t know whether David or James (or both!) was shot by Jake until next week, we do know that Liv drank a lot of wine last night—and with good reason.

wine moment #1

gettysburger scandal wine
Sometimes Olivia just wants to be a normal girl so she shows up at Jake’s apartment with some Gettysburger and a bottle of red (just for herself as she plans on drinking the whole bottle, as any good grapefriend would tell someone). And I can’t blame her for wanting to drown her sorrows. I mean, once you realize that every single person currently running for president is an actual murderer, you need some sort of outlet. Plus cheese fries. “I want to eat too many fries, drink WAY too much wine, and have a relaxing evening with my fake boyfriend.” Also, I could watch Noel Crane, sorry Jake/Command, open a bottle of wine a thousand times over. And I was Team Ben! Liv downs two glasses in mere minutes and then tells Jake to take advantage of her. Saucy Liv!
grapefriend’s wine recommendation: I bet those Gettysburgers are fantastic with a medium-bodied and slightly spicy red. If I were Liv, I would’ve toted some Syrah or a Cotes du Rhone to Jake’s.

wine moment #2

red wine scandalIf you’re going to ask the sitting president to throw the debate after you inform him that his vice-president and current opponent murdered her husband while also letting him know that his wife and chief of staff covered it up, liquid courage is probably necessary. And Olivia sure needed it as she drank yet another bottle while asking her secret boyfriend to embarrass himself on live television.
grapefriend’s wine recommendation: Sounds like a bold – very bold – wine is necessary in this situation. Like a deep, inky Petite Sirah. The tannins are heavy enough to cover high levels of embarrassment.

wine moment #3

scandal wineAfter wine moment #1, Jake thinks he and Olivia might be able to take their fake relationship somewhere more real. But Liv’s already been drinking and choosing Fitz again. I wonder if she has different varietals for her different emotional states. Grapefriend, what does one drink when sort of breaking up with the guy you’ve been fake dating to cover up your real affair with the President of the United States???

grapefriend’s wine recommendation: Glad you asked! I’d probably pick a Zinfandel. There are so many styles that this grape comes in, so picking a bottle can be quite the mystery.

Until next week, Gladiator Grapefriends!

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2 thoughts on “scandal wine recap: “I want to drink way too much wine”

  1. Whoa – just watched from my DVR. The VP is crazy! Liv is cracking up about murderers. Poor Jake has to do all the dirty work…. Pouring myself a glass of vino to tide myself over until next week’s episode…

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