pop grape / you deserve a grape today

you deserve a grape today, j law!

Let me count the reasons why:

1 post-speech wine needs

After her funny and genuine speech, she went to the press people backstage and apologized for her lack of smoothness (which no one was asking for). “I need to catch up on my drinking. I think that’s why I was so manic. Normally I have, like, a glass of wine.”

Awww yeah, grapefriend.

2 she inspired a new hashtag

People started crafting homemade versions of her dress (sorry, love her but not that bungee cord situation) with mattresses and duck tape, sometimes reenacting her photobomb of Taylor Swift’s interview.


Amazing, though I’ll always prefer this kind of #Lawrencing, which as you may recall, was her wielding some BV Cabernet in Hawaii last year:

j law wine

3 one hand always has wine

That fake, calculated Emma Thompson lameness with the shoes in one hand and martini in the other bugged me. We all heard she was doing that on the carpet already, so it’s not off the cuff, charming, or genuine. In other words, it’s not #Lawrencing – which in grapefriend land is this:

 J lawrence wine

Glad you finally got your grapes, Jen (which was Terrazas Chardonnay, as we know). You deserved them!


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