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no wine for quitters

Happy Labor Day, the day of no labor!


And to all these people being like, “It’s the end of summer!” and “Here comes fall!”: you are all quitters. Weather will still be good for crispy whites, rooftop rose drinking, and other outdoor summer shenanigans for at least another month. SUMMER FOREVER!


3 thoughts on “no wine for quitters

  1. We would have had a crisp white or rose, but we were celebrating International Tempranillo Day, so Tempranillo it was!! Here’s to another month (at least!)of whites and roses!

  2. Love this! The start of school for the kiddos feels like the end of the summer for me. However, I had a rough winter here in MN last year, so I’m eating up every last bit of summer there is – even if it’s going to be 100 degrees here today! 😉

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