cocktail friend: dark & stormy

A trip to Maine isn’t really complete until you have a Dark & Stormy. It’s actually a cocktail that’s originally from Bermuda, but the first time I had it was in Maine so that’s what I associate it with. In fact, I’m writing this as I watch the lobster boats come in to collect their haul. But really any waterside place will do.dark and stormy

The recipe couldn’t be easier: rum and ginger beer. You can garnish it with lime, but aside from making photos look pretty (mine included) cocktail garnishes tend to annoy me since they often bump up to your mouth and generally just get in the way of pure drinking enjoyment.

The only hard thing about making this drink might be finding ginger beer. And FYI, ginger beer isn’t alcoholic since it’s not brewed/fermented – it’s just carbonated. Think root beer or birch beer rather than Rolling Rock. It’s spicy from the ginger, so it does go well with island rum.

Anyway, it’s a really awesome drink for summer seaside fun! Here’s the basic recipe.

dark & stormy

2 oz rum
8 oz ginger beer

Pour in a high glass over ice. Garnish with lime to cut some of the sweetness or just for cool photo op.

Pair with: views of the ocean, sea, cove, sailboats.


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