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cameron diaz: plot spoiled by wine

So Cameron Diaz is shooting a new movie called The Other Woman. She plays a woman who finds out her boyfriend is married and and then teams up with his wife to get revenge on him, but then he’s even cheating on them with Kate Upton, or something like that. Sounds dumb, and to make it worse the end of the movie has already been revealed by this picture:


Cameron was shooting in the Hamptons with co-star Taylor Kinney (Lady Gaga’s boyfriend in real life) and was drinking a glass of white wine in the scene. Obviously, the cheating-husband guy (played by Game Of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster Waldau, not Taylor Kinney who’s the guy pictured in this scene – thanks to Kelsey for pointing that bit of casting out!) is going to choose her over all the other chicks because she’s a grapefriend!!! Way to spoil the movie.

The pic is awesome though, because I love that she’s drinking wine and I love her sweater. For a beachy summer sunset wine, I’d go for an Albariño. It’s crisp, mildly peachy, and fantastically acidic, grown mostly in Rίas Baixas on the northwest coast of Spain and in the Vinho Verde region of Portugal (where it’s called Alvarinho).

Cheers, Cammy!

Cameron-Diaz-The-Other-Woman wine


7 thoughts on “cameron diaz: plot spoiled by wine

  1. I think the lead male (husband) is being played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, which would make Taylor Kinney the likely best friend in waiting for Cameron.

  2. Woohoo – Danish actor starring with Ms DIaz? Nicely pulled off. And sounds like a good glass of white you’d recommend there.
    Thanks for stopping by over chez moi 🙂

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