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drink me: dana estate hershey vineyard cabernet

Straight up I’m going to tell you it’s over $400 so just know that going into this post. That said, it’s one of those wines that’s so EFFING good you’d feel like it was worth it.dana hershey cabernet grape: Cabernet

producer: Dana (pronounced “dahna”). It’s the owner’s nickname, which means “generosity” in Sanskrit. And the lotus flower on their labels represents rebirth for the way that vines blossom every year.

country: USA

region: Howell Mountain, Napa

year: 2008

yum factors: Dana makes three single-vineyard Cabs – I loved this Hershey the most. It’s tamed blackberry floats around the chocolate and delicate mineral. Howell Mountain wines are usually insane but in a feral, crazy bold way. This one has a slight touch of wildness, but it’s elegant. Like how Angelina Jolie used to jump into the pool at the Beverly Hilton in her awards gown but now does charity work for the UN.

price: $400+

buy it: here. I get it – it’s over $400. But in the words of Ferris Bueller, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”


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