happy happy hour!

happy st. patrick’s day happy hour!

If you’re a grapefriend, St. Patrick’s Day is like being Jewish on Christmas. Until now.

Grab a Firestone Walker beer, many of which are made in bourbon and sherry barrels.  They. Are. Awesome. Here are the old spirits being pushed out of the barrel by the beer (beer is kind of territorial I guess). I tasted it and it tastes like bourbon.

firestone walker barrel

If you visit them in Paso Robles, anything you could ever want to know about beer can be told to you by beer genius Matt Brynildson. My favorites were the Helldorado, Bravo, Double Double Barrel Ale, and Parabola – check them out in full video glory here: http://vine.co/v/bdgQM19l9Eq 

Cheers, my Irish grapefriends. I’m totally starting maltfriend.firestone walker anniversary ale


3 thoughts on “happy st. patrick’s day happy hour!

  1. My fiancé is obsessed with the Firestone Walker anniversary blends. They are nearly impossible to find in Virginia, so I always get bonus points for seeking them out in advance and talking our local wine shop into putting a few on hold for me! We weren’t so lucky with the 16 though… they were all sold out before I even had a chance to call. We need to keep this stuff a secret! 🙂

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