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drink me: dashe les enfants terribles

dashe les enfants terriblegrape: Zinfandel – it’s a wack job of a grape. You never really know what you’re going to get – deep and blackberry brambles, or this guy.

producer: Dashe. This is their Les Enfants Terribles series (“Les Enfants Terribles” means the rebel children, and you’re about to see why it has this name).

country: USA

region: Potter Valley, Mendocino County

year: 2010

yum factors: It looks light and tastes tartly cranberry – both traits of a Pinot Noir. But at first sniff and under that cranberry, you get a crazy feral quality, like forest sticks. This, I imagine, is due to the fact that they do natural fermentation – you always get that wildness with it. Plus it has crazy acid which is very un-Pinot.

price: $24

buy it: Definitely worth trying out at $24. This is one of the lightest Zins I’ve ever had and smack dab in the middle area of feral wines.


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