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holiday travel, grapefriend style

I’ve taken amazing trips this year. Luckily, when I was bringing back wine I was able to do it without stressing about breaking bottles because I had some awesome accessories. And at high-travel holiday time, we could all use the same assurance. Even when you’re not starring in your own version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, these things come in handy just for toting wine around locally.

wineskin bagwineskin

If I’m lugging more than one bottle somewhere (which is pretty often), Wineskins are a savior. They’re bubble-lined plastic bags with resealable strips on the bottom. Far better than that ripped piece of cardboard the corner store shoves in between your bottles.

price: $4 for one, $12 for three

buy: here

wine jet bagjet bag

The absolute genius of these is that not only do they protect your bottle from breakage in your luggage, but just in case the worst does happen this bag is sealable and the lining inside is capable of absorbing an entire bottle of wine. That means no grape leaks, stains or stinks on your packed clothes and shoes. Brilliant.

price: $17 for three

buy: here

built wine bottle totecheers tote

These neoprene bags are good not only for toting bottles around, but would also be pretty good insulators in a luggage bag. They come in a bunch of colors and sizes (there’s even an origami-style one) – below is a link to the actual site but google around for other colors.

price: $15 for a single, $18 for a double

buy: here

wine sippy cupsippy cups

Who couldn’t use some wine to go? You either don’t want to spill, or you have a kid and want to make it look like it’s theirs. Vino2Go lets everyone in on the grape juice, and all in matching cups. I would, however, recommend that if you do have a kid you shouldn’t get the cups mixed up.

price: $15 at least it used to be – these are apparently sold out everywhere!

buy (in the future): here, but they don’t know when they’ll have more!


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